The University of Western Australia has access to several state-of-the-art, world-class facilities to further research and development in bioenergy.


  • functional genomics technology
  • microarray platform
  • mass spectrometers for proteomics and metabolomics
  • low-temperatire pyrolysis process system
  • fixed-bed reactor system
  • high T and P batch reactor
  • rotary hearth kiln
  • drop-tube furnace
  • hydrothermal reactor system
  • ChemBET surface analyzer
  • biodiesel plant
  • bioreactor
  • spinning disc process intensification reactor
  • tissue culture and plant genetic transformation laboratories
  • controlled environment and glasshouse facilities
  • physical containment category 2 and quarantine facilities
  • crop evaluation field sites
  • high performance computing facilities.

Expanding our capability

More than $30 million has been invested at UWA in recent years to expand our research capability and expertise in bioenergy and alternative energy solutions.