Our bioenergy research is driven by the highest calibre of multi-disciplinary academic professionals.

We are committed to the discovery and implementation of exciting new approaches to alternative energy, and to better understanding the economic, social and business repercussions and opportunities which this ‘new world order’ will present.

We have a vision to develop innovative solutions of world-wide importance in bioenergy research and development. Energy provision is a global-scale challenge in which activities in one part of the globe have direct impact upon the lives and environment of people elsewhere.

Within the context of this global vision, we recognise that our researchers, land managers and farmers have particular expertise in a wide range of climates and environments from the sub-tropical north through the arid centre to the Mediterranean south. We have had to constantly adapt crop growing methods, re-interpret climatic conditions and particularly develop crops and pastures tolerant to drought and hostile soil conditions and evolving farming systems to ensure survival on much of the land.

At the same time, the stunning richness of Western Australia’s biodiversity has ensured that we have developed a strong sense of responsibility to preserve the natural eco-system.