The business of bioenergy


We recognise the importance of bioenergy as the world moves into a future of rising energy prices, declining fossil fuel supplies and an ever increased focus on renewable, sustainable and environmentally acceptable alternatives.

Bioenergy is renewable energy derived from solar energy through biological processes.

We are meeting this challenge through the:

School of Agricultural and Research Economics

The School is actively contributing to the debates on the economics of on-farm energy use, carbon emission and sequestration, biodiesel production, and economic evaluations of oilseed crops for food and biofuel.

It has a national and international reputation in the areas of natural resource management, bioeconomic modelling, agricultural risk management and policy analysis.

Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law

The Centre aims to stimulate education and research on legal issues arising in relation to mining, energy and natural resources sectors of the Western Australian economy.

It is in our Faculty of Law, which has a long tradition of providing high quality legal education and undertaking progressive, high-impact research.

The Centre is active in research relating to climate change and environmental law.

Centre for Transport and Logistics Research

The decisions of individual car buyers and fleet managers are being researched within our Business School by the UWA Transport Research Group, to better understand the choice factors in the adoption of alternative fuels and new technology vehicles.