Bioenergy research at UWA is a multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative effort in the quest for achieving international excellence. The University’s strong partnerships with highly skilled, experienced individuals and Centres of Excellence ensure that its research is producing leading edge, innovative and creative solutions.


Bioenergy research

Gene discovery, plant biotechnology, genetics and breeding for improved production of biomass and biofuels.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology; Institute of Agriculture.

Development of energy crops that can grow in marginal environments and do not compete with food crops. ‘Super Canola/Mustard’ is the major current target but Moringa, another oil species, and Jatropha (in collaboration with India, Thailand and the Philippines) are also being evaluated.

Institute of Agriculture; Centre for Energy in collaboration with CBWA and DAFWA.

Process intensification for biodiesel and hydrogen production, and generating benign chemical feedstocks.

Centre for Strategic Nano-Fabrication.

Advanced process technology for production of fuels and materials from biomass including pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction.

Centre for Energy.

Development of fully self-contained systems for production of renewable energy and materials, particularly making use of degraded land (mine sites and saline soils) and marginal environments in rural communities.

Centre for Energy.

Optimisation of biogas production (methane) from municipal solid waste.

Faculty of Sciences.