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Already highly regarded in their fields through high-quality publications and international recognition, researchers at the UWA Centre for Rock Art Research + Management continue to attract nationally competitive funding.

Areas of greatest recognition are:

  • Rock art recording projects with local Indigenous communities,
  • Rock art management,
  • Material culture research, and
  • Contemporary Indigenous art


The work and findings of our researchers are regularly published in academic texts and leading international journals. Publication highlights include:

  • tracing the development of symbolic behaviour and the movement of modern humans into Australia
  • developing dating techniques for rock art in the arid zone and Kimberley
  • development and refinement of digital technologies to be used in documenting rock paintings and engravings
  • highlighting the cultural and scientific significance of Western Australian rock art
  • investigating the nature of collaborative and partnership-based research
  • studies in ochre provenancing
  • analysing Western Desert contemporary art traditions, and modernism in contemporary Indigenous art.

CRAR+M Monograph

The CRAR+M Monograph Series will publish original research, and provide a platform for data rich, contextualised rock art research. Placing rock art within its broader social and archaeological context allows us to better understand the human past. Rock art is a rich and enduring visual record of people's symbolic lives. The first CAR+M monograph in the series has an Australian focus but our scope is global.

CRAR+M Monograph 1 is Dr Ken Mulvaney's landmark Murujuga study of the extraordinary rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, within the broader archaeology and changing environment of the Pilbara.


 Murujuga MarniKen Mulvaney 2015 Murujuga Marni:Rock Art of the Macropod Hunters and Mollusc Harvesters. UWA Publishing








Major Publications about rock art being worked on by CRARM staff include:

Rock Art and Regional IdentityJamie Hampson 2015 Rock Art and Regional Identity. Routledge.









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SmithBen Smith, David Morris and Knut Helskog (eds) 2012  Working with Rock Art: Recording, Presenting and Understanding Rock Art using Indigenous Knowledge. Wits University Press.



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