Centre for Rock Art Research + Management

Areas of focus

Burrup Rock Art Field School 


Our main aim is to engage in collaborative research projects aimed at furthering our understanding of rock art’s role in the development of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural histories.

In association with Indigenous communities, we develop strategies to promote research into the conservation and preservation of Australia’s rock art heritage. These strategies include such activities as convening academic symposiums and conferences focusing on developments in the discipline.

We also encourage young researchers, especially Indigenous scholars, by creating opportunities for postdoctoral study.


The Centre works as partners with Indigenous communities to systematically document rock art in a culturally sensitive and ethical manner.

In doing this, we continually develop and refine new and existing recording methods using digital technologies to create an accurate and long-lasting record.

Education and training

As well as training future researchers by providing opportunities for postgraduate study, including postgraduate scholarships, we aim to improve the general awareness and appreciation of rock arts immense heritage values.

We also work with Indigenous communities to provide training for undergraduate students, Indigenous Ranger groups, and other relevant Indigenous organisations in proper rock art recording and analytical techniques.


As part of our work, we produce high-quality research publications in internationally recognised outlets and other media for dissemination to both academic and non-academic audiences.

In doing this, we collaborate with Indigenous communities and digital media experts to create and design new and innovative ways to present and preserve rock art heritage.

We are developing a high-quality peer-reviewed monograph series devoted to Australian and international rock art research.

Community outreach

Although much of our work is academically orientated, it is also important for the Centre to engage with the broader Australian community to share the cultural significance of Australia’s rock art heritage.

In an effort to do this, we work in partnership with Indigenous and Industry groups in commercial ventures involving Indigenous rock art.


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