Centre for Rock Art Research + Management

Centre for Rock Art Research and Management

About us

This centre brings together experts in rock art research to produce innovative research, develop new techniques and help communities protect their heritage.


We work in collaborative, partnership-based research projects with Indigenous communities around Australia and abroad.

Focus areas

We have a current focus on continual education and training with our community partners.


Our core values are to:

  • collaborate in research
  • understand cultural and scientific values
  • communicate results
  • protect heritage
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  • Community Partners:

    Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation

    Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation

    Department of Parks and Wildlife

    Kimberley Land Council

    Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation

    Wunambal-Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation

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    August 2015

    This quarterly publication aims to provide updates on the activities, news, events and research of the staff and students associated with CRAR+M.

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The Centre for Rock Art Research + Management is committed to continuing research on projects within the University of Western Australia as well as in collaboration with national and international universities.

Rock art is laden with cultural information that is used to learn more about people's stories, history, relationships to land, social boundaries, belief systems, and interaction or communication with others.

These images are an enduring and visual historical record of people’s symbolic lives. The study of rock art helps us bring the human landscape to life. Australia is home to more than 100,000 known and documented rock art sites, and many more remain unrecorded.

Knowledge about rock art remains strong amongst Indigenous Australian groups: stories about symbolism and meanings are passed down from generation to generation, and in some cases directly from the artists themselves.

Western Australia features some of Australia’s most spectacular rock art galleries. Few landscapes offer as much tangible evidence of human history as the Pilbara, Kimberley and Western Desert regions. This situation presents archaeologists and rock art researchers with an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about the rich visual histories associated with rock art.


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