Climate Science

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We aim to provide policy-makers, business leaders, the media, and the public with the latest accurate information about climate science and the ecological and social effects of climate change. We provide rigorously checked, credible and relevant information from peer-reviewed sources, contacts to UWA experts who can clearly explain the scientific literature, and strive to foster a better understanding of the consequences of climate change and correct some common misconceptions that can confuse the public.

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Even while there may be some uncertainty about whether the climate changes we are seeing are entirely due to human activity, decisions need to be taken based on probabilities so that we can manage our future. We, as scientists, need to use our skills to make sure our research provides the basis for such decisions.

We are cooperating with a number of institutions to develop new low-carbon energy systems.

UWA Geothermal Centre of Excellence

The Centre is based at UWA and is a joint venture partnership with the CSIRO and Curtin University of Technology.

The Centre has established a capacity within Western Australia to lead the exploration and exploitation of geothermal heat in a modern society, and it lays the groundwork for a strong Western Australian contribution to a future cooperation with the broader geothermal community in Australia and worldwide.

Researchers are particularly excited by the opportunity of intermediate- to low-temperature geothermal systems to contribute towards a zero-emission energy supply.

The Centre is also working in partnership on a geothermal sequestration project with the CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies, based at CSIRO, and is conducting specific research in this area for industry partners.

Centre for Energy

The Centre is an exciting and dynamic operation at UWA in partnership with global energy company Chevron.

The Centre sits within the UWA School of Mechanical Engineering and is a partner of the WA Centre of Excellence for Research into Energy for Sustainable Transport (CREST). Through this collaboration it leads the research programs on hydrogen and liquid transport fuels from biomass and waste oils.

Centre for Strategic Nano-Fabrication

Nanotechnology has emerged as an important area of multidisciplinary scientific endeavour.

Based at UWA, the Centre for Strategic Nano-Fabrication is developing novel technologies with a wide range of applications. The Centre is currently exploring research opportunities in near zero-emission hydrogen and carbon production from natural gas and bio-methane.

Through partnership with industry, the Centre is undertaking research on solar and fuelcell technologies, and water treatment.