Climate Science

Transport and legal issues for mining, energy and natural resources sectors

We aim to provide policy-makers, business leaders, the media, and the public with the latest accurate information about climate science and the ecological and social effects of climate change. We provide rigorously checked, credible and relevant information from peer-reviewed sources, contacts to UWA experts who can clearly explain the scientific literature, and strive to foster a better understanding of the consequences of climate change and correct some common misconceptions that can confuse the public.

Further information

Climate change involves complex science and global politics.

Two UWA centres are focused on consumer factors in the moderation of greenhouse gas emission by private cars.

Centre for Transport and Logistics Research

The decisions of ordinary car buyers and fleet managers are being researched at the Centre, within the UWA Business School, to better understand why people choose to adopt alternative fuels and new technology vehicles.

One aim is to project the future trend in the stock of cars, with particular attention to the scrapping of inefficient cars. However, it has been found that the efficient working of the second-hand car market will retard the scrapping process.

Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law

This Centre aims to stimulate education and research on legal issues arising in relation to mining, energy and natural resources sectors of the Western Australian economy.

Since 2005, the Centre’s environmental law courses have included discussion on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Its courses continue to evolve to provide better understanding of climate change and other environmental impacts within the law fraternity.

Some researchers within the Centre are exploring how to adapt water access entitlements to climate-change-induced water scarcity; others are working on the rapidly evolving law for carbon capture and storage.