Climate Science

Climate change and agriculture

We aim to provide policy-makers, business leaders, the media, and the public with the latest accurate information about climate science and the ecological and social effects of climate change. We provide rigorously checked, credible and relevant information from peer-reviewed sources, contacts to UWA experts who can clearly explain the scientific literature, and strive to foster a better understanding of the consequences of climate change and correct some common misconceptions that can confuse the public.

Climate change will strongly affect Australia's agricultural industries.

We need urgent attention in developing and implementing adaption strategies, and UWA has a number of groups working towards this:

The Institute of Agriculture
Has emerged as an integral player by consolidating education, training and research in agriculture and resource management in light of our changing world.
The International Centre for Plant Breeding Education and Research
Is helping to set the national agenda through its work and expertise in world food security.
The Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture
Research focuses on the improvement of such legume-based systems.
The Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre
Is developing innovative farming systems that set new standards for profitability and environmental protection through the sustainable use of perennial plants.
The ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology
Is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms by which the energy-handling systems of plants function so that they can be tailored to the new climate.
The Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy
Examines how agriculture is likely to adapt to climate change, and the costs and benefits of emerging opportunities for carbon sequestration.
The WA Biogeochemistry Centre
Works in collaboration with the mining industry on the relative dependency of ecosystems on groundwater versus soil and surface water.
The Soil Biology Group (School of Earth and Environment)
Researches the activities of a wide range of soil organisms in the context of their contribution to important soil processes.
The School of Environmental Systems Engineering
Researches complex processes in natural systems and their interactions with human activity.
The Western Australian Marine Science Institution
Is underpinning the conservation and sustainable management of Western Australia's marine environment and resources.

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